Student Organization Websites

Student groups on campus advertise their club or organization through a variety of different ways.  In the last five years or so, Facebook groups for club or intramural sports teams, dorm floors, class sections, or student organizations have become popular way to provide information to their members, as well as recruit new members.  Organizations also use email to send out information about upcoming meetings and events.  Currently, the Student Dietetic Association (SDA) at WVU has a website through the university. The problem with using university websites to create your own webpage for your organization, is that it takes a long time for the information to get updated. Students don’t have access to enter all the information themselves. As you can see by looking around on the old SDA website, it hasn’t been updated with contact information, events, and photos for 3 years now.

So, many successful organizations resort to using outside website providers for making websites for their organization.  Blogspot can be used, like WVU’s Fashion Business Association has done.  West Virginia University’s Flute Club, among many other clubs, use Google sites.  And Alpha Phi Alpha uses the web-making site Wix.

I put together a rough website for SDA to use, through Wix.  The site,, has room for:

  • Mission statement & goals
  • Recent news (upcoming events, meeting minutes, etc)
  • Meeting schedule
  • Photo gallery of photos taken at SDA events
  • Links to other sites that are helpful for those thinking about a career in Dietetics
  • Advisor contact information

Additional things that could be included in the website are:

  • Weekly/Monthly “student spotlights” to get to know other SDA members
  • Executive board contact information (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Media Chair, Student Council Liaison, Service Learning Chair, & Social Chair)
  • Information on how to become a member of the SDA (requirements, dues, etc)

Hopefully, the current/future SDA will be able to get this website updated with current information and will utilize it. A club that has an informative and up-to-date website looks a lot more professional and organized than a club that hasn’t updated their website in several years.  It’s important to know that this website isn’t just for students that are in the organization– there could be high school seniors looking at potentially attending WVU and joining the SDA.  If they see that the SDA is an active, fun organization to be involved in, it will place WVU in a good light and perhaps the student will choose to attend WVU over another university which has out-of-date websites.

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