Take a look at this 23-page PDF guide to choosing healthy options for lunch when in a hurry– you CAN make healthier choices at fast food restaurants, at the vending machine, and with frozen meals!

Mary Rodavich, MS, RD, LDN

Part of our corporate wellness assignment this week was to create a presentation for the “Lunch and Learn” wellness series for employees at the Davis College of WVU.  Emily and I finally finished our 23-page handout titled, “Eating Healthy While Working On Campus”. The guide includes:

1.) Eat This, Not That – Morgantown Edition

2.) Healthy Vending Machine Choices

3.) Healthy Frozen Meals

To check it out, click the link below!!

Click: Eating Healthy While Working On Campus

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2 thoughts on “

  1. Ian

    I am sometimes computerly challenged, and can’t find this pdf file. I was all ready to read it too. So text me, and tell me where to look!

  2. Ian

    I got it today. I felt I was less challenged then yesterday so I was able to open the document. I am also going to print it off! It was super informative, and I had never thought of some of the healthy choices you two listed.

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