WVU Downtown Farmers’ Market

Today my rotation was filled with variety– body composition analysis, a grocery store tour, and a farmers’ market.  I love the variety of things that this rotation has to offer so far, and it’s only been 3 days!  Here are some photos I took from the downtown farmers’ market today. It is held across from the Mountainlair every Wednesday from 11am-1pm, and today was comprised of about 5 vendors, but in the following weeks, more vendors should be present. There were fresh and local grapes, peaches, apples, eggplant, bell peppers, hot peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, corn on the cob, baked goods (cookies, bread), and more.  WVU also had a tent where students could get a nice-sized sample of peach crisp, made by WVU dining using fresh and local West Virginian peaches.  The recipe was created and tweaked to meet certain nutrition standards (more fiber, less fat, lower in sodium), so you can be rest assured the peach crisp is healthy for you.  And for you animal lovers out there, the peach crisp is also vegan!  We were talking about what recipe and dish to give away for free at next week’s farmers’ market, and it may be something made with potatoes, corn, and peppers! Mmmm! Or perhaps an apple dish? Whatever it is, it’s always made with local ingredients.

Hundreds of free samples of peach crisp…went fast!

SNAP benefits and credit/debit cards can be used here

Local foods available for students to purchase

Peaches, apples, tomatoes, corn, and grapes…yum!

Thanks to all the vendors who participate and help make WVU a healthier campus!

Fresh apples & various veggies

Great for cooking

Eggplants — excellent grilled, baked, or sauteed!

Freshly made “Yum Bun” for $3 – filled with veggies & looks like whole wheat flour was used. Great!

I think this downtown farmers market is a great for students of all types– if you live in the dorms, grab a bag of apples for those midnight cravings when the dining hall is closed. If you live off campus, why not buy some peaches and take a recipe card and try out the healthy peach crisp one weekend?  And of course, whether you live off campus or on campus, a yum bun will definitely fill you up in between classses!

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2 thoughts on “WVU Downtown Farmers’ Market

  1. This WAS a great day at our rotation. I definitely started enjoying my honey crisp apples from the farmers’ market already…

  2. sounds like you should start a blog!

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