Brew ‘n Gold Cafe

Today I spent the morning with Jay Capron, who is manager of the Coffee Shops at WVU.  He led me on a tour of the coffee shops, and I learned about the production and management behind Brew ‘n Gold Cafe on Evansdale and Eliza’s in the downtown library.

Brew ‘n Gold Cafe opened in the fall of 2004 in the Evansdale Residence Complex next to the traditional dining hall, Cafe Evansdale.  Brew ‘n Gold is a way for students to grab food to-go and still use their meal plans, rather than sitting down in a traditional dining hall. Students at WVU used to be able to request a to-go box to fill up in the dining hall, and then take back to their dorms, bus, outside, or wherever if they wanted to eat to-go. But as you can imagine what would happen on any University, students started eating a regular meal on the trays in the dining hall, and then taking a second meal in their to-go box back up to their dorm rooms. Not only were students getting 2 meals for the price of 1 (costing the university money), but there was also a food safety issue with storing hot foods in the dorm room (as many students don’t have microwaves).  So Brew ‘n Gold was designed to fill that need for a to-go option for students on Evansdale Campus.

Brew ‘n Gold is closed during the summer, but during the school year serves 1700 students through its doors each day.  Brew ‘n Gold is also open until 9pm Monday through Friday, so if students miss the 8pm closing time for Cafe Evansdale (or 6:30pm closing time on Fridays), they can still squeeze in a late dinner at Brew ‘n Gold.

This is how Brew ‘N Gold works with the meal plans…1 entree, 1-2 sides (depending on which meal it is), and a drink.

Brew ‘N Gold Cafe: proudly brewing Starbucks coffee!

Students at Brew ‘N from

The drinks students can fill their cup up with…and don’t forget: you can ask for milk if you want, and you can get one or two half-pint cartons. Only about 12% of students ask for milk, however.

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One thought on “Brew ‘n Gold Cafe

  1. Debbie Todhunter

    Love the pictures! What great options for college students.

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