Where have I been? FNCE!

I haven’t made a post for the past few weeks…I have had 3 weeks off from my regular rotations, and used that time to travel, visit friends, study for my online classes, and attend conferences. In fact, tomorrow morning I’m leaving for Charleston, WV to attend the WV Diabetes Symposium. So the “3 whole weeks off” has definitely been a busy, whirlwind period of time.

So last week I was at FNCE – the annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo which was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania October 6-9th (Next year it’s in Houston, TX!).  FNCE is held by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, so most of the attendees were dietitans, dietetic interns, and dietetic undergraduate students, but there were also nurses that I ran into that are Academy members. Registration for the event was $210 and includes a multitude of educational sessions to attend each day, culinary demonstrations, and the expo hall.

There were literally about 14 educational sessions going on during each time slot, so it was difficult to pick which one to attend, but I ended up attending:

  • Hot Topic: Ancient Grains — What Is Their Future?
  • Achieving Six-Figure Careers in Dietetics: How Confident Conversations and Taking Risks can Get You There
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention: Building a Sustainable Community Nutrition Network
  • Dietitians as Health Coaches: A Call to Lead
  • In the Kitchen and Outside the Box: Cooking Lactose-Free
  • Leader vs. Manager: Five Strategies to Propel Your Career
  • Diabetes in a New Light: Diabetes-Friendly Fare with Flavor

And there’s also the Expo hall where different food companies and nutritional organizations have booths with different information and goodies. I had my body fat tested with an infrared laser at the Subway booth, and also talked to the registered dietitian for Subway on how she got her job.  I have enough granola bars now to last me a month or two, about $80 in coupons, and I also picked up some great recipes.  Although the 3 days went by quickly, it was an enjoyable and educational conference and I hope I’ll be able to attend another FNCE in the future!

Food samples at the expo

Booths at the expo

Mary and I with a giant frosted mini-wheatie

cooking demonstrations

ingredient composition of white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate

McDONALDS at a nutrition expo?? Yes. They were giving out oatmeal and coffee. There was also KFC at the expo…yeah…

Paula Deen giving an culinary demonstration on cooking diabetes-friendly fare with flavor

Paula Deen’s spicy shrimp & vegetable gumbo

Enjoying the sites of Philly in the evening

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One thought on “Where have I been? FNCE!

  1. Deb T

    Love the photo of you in Philly! How interesting all your choices of workshops sound!

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