Done with Rotations!!

Just when I thought I’d be an intern for the rest of my life, bam the last day of rotations comes and goes.  Today marked my last day of my dietetic internship rotations — the last of the 1200 (unpaid) hours.  Crazy how time flew by.  Looking back, I think I my rotations provided me with a wide variety of experiences in many different settings.

  • Academia (creating lunch & learns, writing grants, designing a new online nutrition course)
  • Community (nutrition lessons & activities for elementary kids at summer camp)
  • Acute care facilities (424-bed hospital, women & children’s hospital, 189-bed hospital, 70-bed rural hospital)
  • Rehabilitation facilities (80-bed rehab hospital)
  • Group homes (6-8 residents, rural setting)
  • Clinics (wound clinic, weight loss clinic, feeding & swallowing clinic, cleft palate clinic, cystic fibrosis clinic)
  • Community/Government programs (WIC nutrition counseling, grocery store tour, creating educational materials)
  • Foodservice (test trays, line temperatures, creating & implementing a smoothie bar, catering events, university dining hall, hospital foodservice, safety audits, in-services)
  • Sports nutrition (nutrition counseling sessions, presentations to athletes, body composition testing, creating meal plans)
  • Professional development (local, state-wide, & national meetings & conferences; giving many presentations in classes, seminars, and bootcamp)

The experience has certainly taught me a lot about the different roles of a dietitian and all the possible opportunities that are out there for those in the field of nutrition.  It’s going to be exciting to see where I end up in the next few years and beyond!

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One thought on “Done with Rotations!!

  1. Debbie Todhunter

    Yay, and congratulations! I, too, am excited to see where you begin your professional career and in which of the many varied fields you find fulfillment! That’s my girl!

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