About Me

Name: Emily Todhunter

Hometown: Grand Forks, North Dakota

Education: BS in Dietetics at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, MS in Animal and Nutrition Sciences- Human Nutrition and Foods at West Virginia University

Interests: Cooking, Baking, Traveling, Reading, Painting, Fitness, & Music (I play the piano, French horn, bass guitar, and ukulele!…working on the Irish tin whistle)

It’s hard to say when I first became interested in nutrition. I’ve always loved food (who doesn’t!), and as a kid I helped out with the vegetable garden in the backyard and in the kitchen making dinner or chocolate chip cookies. In high school I ran track and became more conscious of what I was eating and how that’d affect me during practice and during track meets– did the food feel heavy and sick in my stomach, or did it give me the right amount of energy and refueling? I decided to major in “Nutrition, Exercise, & Health Science” at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and when I was a junior I found that I was enjoying my nutrition classes a lot more than my exercise classes, so I switched to a major in Dietetics with plans to become a Registered Dietitian.  I was accepted into West Virginia University’s 22-month dual Masters & Dietetic Internship program in the spring of 2011, began coursework in the fall of 2011, and began rotations in the summer of 2012.  Throughout the rotations, I looked forward to learning about all the different roles dietitians take on, whether that be in clinical, community, foodservice, or other settings. Now that I have completed my rotations and finished graduate school, I am working as an RD at a 400+ bed hospital in Central Florida.  

Contact: emilytodhunter@hotmail.com

ePortfolio: http://etodhunt.wix.com/emilytodhunter

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/hunteroftods

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One thought on “About Me

  1. it’s amazing to find people who share the same dreams and ambitions as you, I found inspiration and motivation on your blog, so thank you ^-^

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